Safety Policy

  1. Safety helmets are issued to all our staff and are to be worn on site at all times, this includes any sub-contract labour we may employ from time to time.
  2. Footwear is issued to all workers and it is to have adequate hard sole and toecap to provide sufficient protection for the wearer.
  3. Safety Belts, goggles, and masks are provided to workers to use when required.
  4. Site staff is aware of the importance of edge safety barriers on site when no safety barriers are feasible our staff must wear safety harnesses, which will be issued to them.
  5. Electrical tools must be earthed with no bare wires showing on the extension cables.
  6. Extension cables or electrical tools must be plugged into the plug sockets by means of a proper-earthed plug.
  7. All scaffold erected by the main contractor must be evaluated for safety by our site foreman and if deemed unfit, a written report must be submitted to management before any of our workers will be allowed to use the scaffold.
  8. Approved ladders only must be used.
  9.  Care and the correct safety equipment must be used when transporting or working at heights.