QHSE Policy

The Management and Staff of the Reliable Engineering & Fabrication FZC recognize their responsibility for sustainable development and are committed to achieving it by ensuring to satisfy customers and other stakeholders with the quality of products and services, protect the occupational health and safety of all those associated with the business activities of Reliable Engineering & Fabrication FZC and to minimize adverse impacts on the environment. To accomplish this, we shall:


  • Establish, implement and maintain an effective integrated management system for Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environment (QHSE) and continually improve its performance.

  • Identify and meet the requirements of customers and other relevant stakeholders including legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Identify Environmental Aspects and Impacts and Occupational Health and Safety hazards; assess risks and take steps to prevent injury, ill health, pollution and waste by providing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions.

  • Support and cooperate with our customers, business partners and government agencies in their QHSE programs and comply with the relevant quality, health, safety and environmental related legislation and other requirements.

  • Set and periodically review QHSE objectives commensurate with the customer and regulatory requirements, Environmental Impacts and Occupational Health & Safety hazards identified in the activities and locations under our responsibility.

  • Engage, inform, educate and train all people working for or on behalf of the company, including suppliers, regarding their obligation toward minimizing QHSE risks and continually improving Quality and HSE performance.


The QHSE Policy is appropriately communicated and made available to all members of staff and interested parties to make them aware of their individual obligations.